The POOLCORP network is comprised of a diverse range of companies, each bringing a unique strength to the corporation as a whole. POOLCORP's distinctive divisions represent an ever-expanding array of outdoor living products, strategic locations and skilled personnel, all working as complementary elements in a unified enterprise.

SCP Distributors LLC

Founded in 1993, SCP Distributors LLC currently operates over 160 U.S.-based locations devoted to serving the pool trade and the individual consumer.

SCP International

POOLCORP's global arm supports locations throughout Canada, France, Australia, Mexico, Portugal, United Kingdom, Belgium, Colombia, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Superior Pool Products LLC

Part of the POOLCORP network since July 2000, Superior Pool Products currently operates 65 sales centers throughout the United States in support of the trade and the individual consumer.

Horizon Distributors, Inc.

A full service supplier of landscape and irrigation products, Horizon operates 60 locations in 11 U.S. states. The company was acquired by POOLCORP in late 2005.