Environmental Health

As a company that distributes products and transports chemicals across North America and Europe, protecting the environment and our people, and using resources responsibly is a foremost concern.  We adhere to the principles of Responsible Care in the distribution of our products and comply with local, state, and federal regulations pertaining to our packaging, labeling and transportation.  We also expect vendors to meet these standards.  All POOLCORP employees are encouraged to report any environmentally-harmful acts that they become aware of with no threat of negative repercussions on their part. 

In our continued effort to protect the environment, POOLCORP has partnered with ESD Waste 2 Water. ESD Waste 2 Water is a worldwide leader in industrial wastewater treatment and environmental remediation equipment. Through this partnership, POOLCORP facilities engaged in service of equipment repairs are installing closed loop waste water wash pads which recycle wash down water and remove potentially harmful pollutants when service equipment is cleaned.