Waste Management

In 2008, POOLCORP partnered with Waste Management and together we have been able to address areas where our carbon footprint can be reduced:

  • The Right Size Project allows Waste Management (WM) to analyze our sales centers’ trash accumulation. Through this analysis, WM is better able to calculate how often it is necessary for our trash to be collected. In some cases, reducing collections from three times per week to once. With WM’s trucks traveling to our sales centers less, they are producing less carbon emissions into the environment through their trucks and conserving gas, all while we are cutting costs with fewer garbage collections.
  • As POOLCORP has been replacing our warehouses’ fluorescent T12 light bulbs with more efficient ones, Waste Management has been aiding us in properly disposing of them in accordance with environmental regulations.

POOLCORP partnered with Aelux and completed the upgrade of the fluorescent T12 lamps in our warehouses for more energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly options. 

POOLCORP’s sales centers have switched to Paperless Picking. When orders are placed, rather than write the order down or print it out on paper, it is all kept electronically. Employees are alerted by the computer system that an order has been placed, at which point they locate the items using a hand-held scanner to scan the items for the order. This improved process not only saves paper, but also prevents human errors from occurring by using the scanner to verify the products.