Employee Wellness Programs

POOLCORP is challenging employees to “take the plunge” into improving their health and well-being through our Diving Into Wellness Program. In 2011, 53% of our company’s eligible population participated in the Wellness Program. Some of the benefits offered to employees include:

  • Free yearly health assessments are given to each employee wishing to participate. This allows our employees to track their health from year-to-year and see their improvements in regards to their weight, BMI, cholesterol levels, etc.
  • LifeWorks is an online tool available to all POOLCORP employees where informative articles, helpful tools, and audio tips can be accessed on hundreds of topics including: health, finance, managing people, addiction and recovery, legal, midlife and retirement, international, emotional well-being, work, and children and parenting.
  • Employees are given the choice to participate in an employer-paid Smoking Cessation Program. Available resources offered through this program include: smoking cessation tips, diet tips, and literature to help on the way to success.
  • The Northshore Heart Walk is held annually by the American Heart Association. POOLCORP takes part in this event as a corporate sponsor and also holds different raffles and fundraisers each year to motivate all of the employees to get involved in this event. All of the funds raised are donated to the American Heart Association with a matching contribution from POOLCORP included. We had 40 employees participate in 2011 and are looking for an even bigger turn-out in 2012. POOLCORP has also sponsored all employees wishing to participate in Gilsbar’s Covington Classic 5k Race and the YMCA’s Corporate Cup 5K race.
  • A Complimentary Wellness Discount Program offers employees discounts on complementary and alternative medicine products and services such as: fitness centers, nutrition counseling, etc.
  • Employees are encouraged to submit healthy recipes to be shared with co-workers on our Wellness Program website.
  • POOLCORP has held several weight loss contests in different divisions across the country motivating employees to shed pounds, increase exercise, and improve eating habits—all in hopes of adopting an over-all healthier lifestyle. A chiropractic company as well as a local gym worked with our employees to teach the proper methods for exercising. They also were available to give advice and tips on how to lead a healthier lifestyle.