Safety and Health

At POOLCORP we continuously strive to improve our work practices. We actively support a culture of health and safety for the benefit of our employees and customers. Providing a safe and healthy work environment for our colleagues, contractors and visitors is a business priority and is core to POOLCORP's values. Health and safety are essential parts of a broader environment and workforce sustainability strategy that reduces the risk of harm to colleagues and helps them remain healthy, engaged, and productive. Here at POOLCORP, we break our safety monitoring into the three categories below:

Workplace Safety

At POOLCORP, our employees are our greatest asset and we are constantly making initiatives to protect their well-being. Our overall goal is to be an Injury-Free Workplace and we use training, monitoring, and goal setting to move towards this objective. POOLCORP strives to reduce workplace injuries by 25% per year until the goal of an Injury-Free Workplace is met.

Our guiding principles on the road to achieving our goal are:

  • Management will continue to provide the safest workplace environment possible and will also look for ways to improve upon the safety in their locations. Constant vigilance is key to maintaining a safe work environment.
  • Management actively engaging and demonstrating their commitment to an Injury-Free Workplace. POOLCORP understands that for an idea to be successfully adopted and implemented, management must fully support the initiatives and provide examples from which our employees can grow.
  • All employees taking accountability for their own actions. POOLCORP employees have the right and duty to stop unsafe situations without retaliation.
  • The Safety Support team takes and will continue to take the steps necessary to prevent injuries through investigations, actions plan completions, and sharing information to other applicable locations.

Notable Actions

  • Created a Safety and Health Policy
  • Perform audits and investigations
  • Provide training for safe work practices

Health and Wellness

POOLCORP believes is that happy workers are the best workers! In order for our employees to be happy, they need to be healthy and that is why we believe that offering proper training and wellness programs are essential to providing the resources necessary to promote a healthy workforce. We are constantly striving to come up with innovative ideas in getting our employees healthy and here are some of the things we are doing:

  • Provide proper training on workplace safety for all employees
  • Created and maintain the Employee Wellness Program
  • Encourage our employees to have a “World Impact

Employee Wellness Programs

POOLCORP is challenging employees to “take the plunge” into improving their health and well-being through our Diving Into Wellness Program. Some of the benefits offered to employees include:

  • Free yearly health assessments are given to each employee wishing to participate. This allows our employees to track their health from year-to-year and see their improvements in regards to their weight, BMI, cholesterol levels, etc.
  • LifeWorks is an online tool available to all POOLCORP employees where informative articles, helpful tools, and audio tips can be accessed on hundreds of topics including: health, finance, managing people, addiction and recovery, legal, midlife and retirement, international, emotional well-being, work, and children and parenting.
  • Employees are given the choice to participate in an employer-paid Smoking Cessation Program. Available resources offered through this program include: smoking cessation tips, diet tips, and literature to help on the way to success.
  • A Complimentary Wellness Discount Program offers employees discounts on complementary and alternative medicine products and services such as: fitness centers, nutrition counseling, etc.
  • Employees are encouraged to submit healthy recipes to be shared with co-workers on our Wellness Program website.
  • POOLCORP has held several weight loss contests in different divisions across the country motivating employees to shed pounds, increase exercise, and improve eating habits—all in hopes of adopting an over-all healthier lifestyle. A chiropractic company as well as a local gym worked with our employees to teach the proper methods for exercising. They also were available to give advice and tips on how to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Fleet Safety

In order for our products to reach our outstanding customers, POOLCORP utilizes a fleet of trucks to deliver these products. We understand that our gas-powered trucks release greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and we are working to reduce these emissions. Here is what we have done so far:

We continually invest to modernize our fleet to reduce emissions and improve safety for our drivers.

POOLCORP has purchased and placed in service several alternative fuels vehicles. Alternate fueling methods such as natural gas, propane gas and hydrogen cell technology can offer several advantages including:

  • Fuel savings
  • Emission reduction
  • Increased intervals between oil changes (less carbon pollution in oil)
  • Increased intervals between particulate filter changes (less carbon output)
  • Less engine regenerations
  • Increased fuel mileage

NAFA Sustainable Fleet Accreditation Program

The NAFA Sustainable Fleet Accreditation Program is designed to recognize and reward fleets that are taking significant steps to incorporate sustainable actions into their everyday operations. POOLCORP recognizes the value in participating in this program and intends to use this platform to improve the safety and health of our 600+ drivers.