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Workplace Safety

At POOLCORP, our employees are our greatest asset. Our overall goal is to be an Injury-Free Workplace and we use training, monitoring, and goal setting to move towards this objective. POOLCORP strives to reduce workplace injuries by 25% per year until the goal of an Injury-Free Workplace is met. Training and support is available for all of our employees including full-time, seasonal, and temporary employees.

Our guiding principles to achieve our goal are:

  • Provide the safest workplace environments possible and continually strive to improve upon safety in each sales center. Constant vigilance is key to maintaining a safe work environment.
  • Actively engage and demonstrate commitment to an Injury-Free Workplace. POOLCORP understands that for an idea to be successfully adopted and implemented, management must fully support the initiatives and provide examples from which our employees can learn and grow.
  • Continue to assure that great quality products reach our customers and that information like safety data sheets and product manuals are easily accessible.
  • Take accountability for one’s actions. POOLCORP employees have the right and duty to stop unsafe situations without retaliation.
  • Take the steps necessary to prevent injuries, vehicle accidents, and other safety incidents through investigations, action plan completions, enforcing progressive disciplinary action plans for repeat offenders, issuing reactive training, and continually communicating.
  • Maintain a safe facility, safely evacuate the facility in the event of an emergency and submit required documents annually to local fire departments so they will know how to respond to emergencies. In the event of an emergency where HAZMAT is involved, we have certified vendors to handle HAZMAT response and clean-up.

In order for our products to reach our outstanding customers, POOLCORP utilizes a fleet of trucks for delivery. We understand that our gas-powered trucks release greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and we are working to reduce these emissions through actions including:

  • Continually investing to modernize our fleet to reduce emissions and improve safety for our drivers. POOLCORP prefers to purchase vehicles with advanced safety and environmental features like hands-free capabilities, back-up cameras, stop-start systems, and flex-fuel systems.
  • Monitoring the maintenance and integrity of vehicles closely, removing vehicles from our fleet that may produce more emissions and safety issues due to age, wear-and-tear, etc.

Notable Actions

  • Maintain strong safety and health policies and procedures
  • Regularly perform audits and investigations
  • Provide new training and recurring training for safe work practices
  • Utilize 5-Minute “Safety Stop” discussions on a weekly basis
  • Enforce idle time initiatives

POOLCORP’s five sustainability categories include: