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GHG Emissions

POOLCORP is constantly looking for new, innovative ways to reduce or offset GHG emissions. Some recent initiatives include the following:

  • Application of vehicle metrics such as vehicle utilization, miles per gallon, and historical maintenance to determine when vehicles should be taken out of service or should be transferred internally to effectively reduce our fleet size and, thus, our emissions.
  • We have also tested several alternative fuel vehicles, including natural gas, propane, and hydrogen cell technology, which can result in fuel savings and emission reduction.

In addition to minimizing our GHG impact with reducing idling, modernizing our fleet, and implementing the use of alternate-fuel vehicles, we sell battery-operated power equipment and propane gas, zero-turn mowers to reduce GHG emissions and harmful noise. We also sell propane, natural gas, and solar-powered heaters with auto shut-off capabilities that produce lower emissions than other comparable products and do not require the use of ozone-depleting chemicals.

Regarding business travel and commuting, POOLCORP employees make great efforts to reduce business travel by utilizing teleconferences and online webinars. Our employees are expected to consolidate business travel in as few trips as possible to reduce emissions and aid in business efficiency.

POOLCORP’s five sustainability categories include: