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POOLCORP realizes the importance of responsible water management. A water study was performed and we determined that our company’s average water usage per worker per day is 8.64 gallons which is within an acceptable range considering typical practices of drinking water, toilet usage, and handwashing. As a company, we have set the goal of an overall 5% reduction of water usage which will be accomplished by training specific sales centers on more sustainable business practices.

We train our sales center employees to protect the waterways and drainage on our properties from contaminants. Additionally, we have created training documents to educate our employees and customers on drought preparation and response.

POOLCORP’s water conservation efforts also extend to the products we sell. We promote filters that can simply be rinsed, using less water rather than running a backwash cycle for a pool. We market solar pool covers to prevent excessive evaporation, reducing the amount of water that needed to be added to a pool by 30-50% and also reducing the amount of chemicals by 35-60%. We offer products to sustain salt-based pools, as well.

Our Horizon network offers low-flow and Smart Water irrigation products that reduce freshwater reserve impact by 15%.

POOLCORP’s five sustainability categories include: