MIT Program Overview

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Since its origin in 2000, our dedicated corporate training staff continuously reevaluates the curriculum to ensure up-to-date and accurate material is being presented.  Camaraderie and teamwork is the cornerstone of our program and MITs are encouraged to form working relationships with their peers and co-workers.

The Manager Trainee (MIT) position is an entry level training program for recent college graduates and current employees to learn about the swimming pool supply, irrigation and landscape distribution industry.  This program is designed to prepare the MIT for management opportunities in B2B sales and operations.  Advancement is based primarily on demonstrated performance and the desire to seek greater challenges.

Our structured six month training program offers start dates in January and June and generally consists of 20 MITs individually located in host sales centers around the country.   Once a month MITs participate in focused week long training sessions at our state-of-the-art education facility (the EDGE) in Plano, TX.  We recognize there are different learning styles, therefore material is taught in a number of ways including lecture, projects, and role play.  MITs are tested regularly to ensure a transfer of skills from classroom to daily performance and to identify performance gaps.  After each session employees return to their host sales center and for the remainder of the month apply the concepts and material presented at the EDGE.  

During the program MITs are given the opportunity to spend three weeks with our customers (a retail store, a builder & a service customer).  This gives newcomers to the industry a chance to view products, learn how they operate and ask relevant questions.  

Operations Manager

Business Development Representative