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POOLCORP recognizes our responsibility to the Safety and Health of our employees, to contribute to the sustainability of our environment, and to positively impact the communities we serve. POOLCORP has taken strides towards reducing our carbon footprint, providing product choices that allow our customers to reduce their environmental impact, installing more energy-efficient systems, and implementing health and wellness programs to improve the lives of our employees.

Customer emergency support for our products can be reached through the 24/7 POOLCORP Safety Emergency Line and through a third party vendor that offers 24/7 Emergency Hazmat Incident Response.

On-site crisis management responsibilities are outlined within the POOLCORP Safety Manual and within the site-specific evacuation plans found in Tier II chemical reports. North American sales centers also have access to crisis management vendors that are available 24/7 who can respond immediately to any on-site emergencies.

POOLCORP's corrective action program consists of regular site inspections performed by managers and auditors trained to look for deficiencies and if necessary, provide measures for prompt correction. The Safety and Risk Management Department also reviews new processes to ensure safe operations.