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Corporate Objectives

A well-defined purpose is the best road map for corporate success. Though POOLCORP’s worldwide distribution network crosses cultural, language and territorial boundaries, our 6,000-strong workforce is unified by distinct objectives.

Mission Statement

To provide exceptional value to our customers and suppliers, creating exceptional return for our shareholders while providing exceptional opportunities for our employees.

Vision Statement

To be the best worldwide distributor of outdoor lifestyle products that include all products relating to swimming pools, irrigation & other products that enhance the quality of outdoor home life.

Future Opportunities and Goals

The swimming pool industry is relatively young and represents only a small fraction of its potential for pool ownership among the more than 80 million households in the U.S. that have the economic capacity and space to install a pool. With an estimated installed base of approximately nine million in-ground and above-ground swimming pools, the potential for growth, from increasing penetration into existing homes and continuing new home construction, is significant for many years into the future.

POOLCORP’s outlook is bright. A combination of steady general economic conditions, rising home values, strong consumer confidence, and growing investment in outdoor living lifestyles underlie swimming pool related annual market growth potential at twice the rate of general economy growth, or more, particularly in POOLCORP’s core sunbelt markets.

As POOLCORP looks to the future, our focus is on creating exceptional value through the following:

  • Customers  – enhancing their business growth potential, operating efficiencies and profitability by providing comprehensive product offerings, local market convenience, marketing programs, powerful tools and vast support resources
  • Suppliers  – providing a broad and efficient distribution network, creating demand and awareness for products, facilitating training and education among dealers, retailers and contractors and developing effective marketing tools and programs supporting their products
  • Shareholders  – implementing strategies and plans enabled by rigorous execution that generate superior financial performance, cash flows and returns on invested capital
  • Employees  – creating a safe and rewarding work environment enabling personal and professional growth opportunities; being the ‘Employer of Choice’ in the industry and the communities we serve
  • The swimming pool and outdoor living industry  – delivering the products, service and commitment to enhance the quality of outdoor home life for people throughout the United States and worldwide