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POOLCORP Pool360 Pay

Pool360 Pay is the newest feature added to pool360, our e-commerce website. With Pool360 Pay, customers now have the ability to pay off invoices or open balances online via eCheck!​

Paying Invoices Online is Easy and Saves Time

Once a customer has signed into their pool360 account and navigated to Invoice History, with a few clicks, they are given the option to pay invoices online. From the convenience of their business or home, they now have the ability to pay their full balance, select invoices, or a partial balance of their choosing.

Paying Invoices Online is Secure

With our Pool360 Pay Portal, customers can rest easy knowing that their information is safe. Account numbers, routing numbers, and contact information remain se​cure on the Portal to help protect the privacy of their customer by cutting down on paperwork.

Paying Invoices Online Keeps the Customer in Control

With Pool360 Pay, customers are in control of when their invoices are paid and how much they want to pay. If they want to change how they are paying, they can with three Payment Types to choose from.

How Do Customers Begin Paying Online?

Once they have logged in to their pool360 account, they will need to navigate to Account Info on the main taskbar. Select Order Status/History, and under Order History Type, select Invoice History. A clickable box will appear to Show invoice payment options. From there, they can begin the registration process for Pool360 Pay.

How Much Does It Cost to Pay Invoices Online?

Pool360 Pay is free and is simply a new feature customers can utilize under their pool360 account.